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Working in public

Working in public

Can Working From Home and Livestreams coexist?

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·Oct 20, 2021·

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I see many people struggling to get the visibility they deserve as content creators even though they are very good

I've always seen Livestreams and working for a company as two opposites.

But can they coexist?

Yesterday I tried this working-in-public experience and I liked it a lot.

Here is the moment with Nimrod and Ido jumping in! working in public

I worked on the official documentation, using Docusaurus, an open-source tool by Facebook to write documentation.

Docusaurus official website:

What is it

Working in public is literally what the word suggests: doing what you get paid for but in a Livestream, which can last hours.

What is it not

"Working in public" is a bit different from just working on your side project online or building in public because you get paid for it while you are working (and this is great!)

It's not your company "controlling your work"


it is not always applicable, because often some sensitive data is used or the project is just secret, but it's at least worth thinking about whether some of the work can be done this way.

IMPORTANT: both sides must agree on this before, it's not the company forcing the person to go live to control them or you just going live and exploiting some secrets of the company!!!


The Livestream should be done on the channels of the worker or where they prefer.

Benefits for the worker

  • they can focus on working without distractions (Social Media, emails, calls).
  • they get the benefits of a Livestream (and also people helping you out!).
  • they get the company support on your Livestreams, eg giveaways, promoting you...
  • it's a great way to monetize your YouTube Channel or get affiliated on Twitch without spending extra time!

Benefits for the Company

  • in every moment, they can see the current status of the work.
  • the product/company gets more engagement because of the nature of the Livestream.
  • it is a way to make yourself known to more people, simply by showing it while working.


In conclusion, if you are working for a company and you see a possibility of applying the "working in public", you can be the one to propose and try it.

I always say to document what you do whenever is possible, and this was just me applying this concept.

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Good luck!

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