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Story of an Introvertuber - Part 1

Story of an Introvertuber - Part 1

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Francesco Ciulla
·Dec 14, 2020·

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Hi I am Francesco and I am an INTROVERTUBER.


An INTROVERTUBER is an introverted person who is also a YouTuber.


Let me tell you my little story:

10 years ago, I bought a DSLR Camera, and I wanted to start making videos on YouTube.

But every time I was about to do that, I found an excuse to don't do it.

Good ones were:

  • I have nothing to say
  • My English pronunciation is bad
  • I know nothing about lights in videos
  • I know nothing about video-editing
  • I don't have a microphone (I hadn't realized I could upload on youtube something I was easily able to record on my smartphone)

But my favorite one has always been:

"I have no time"

This is the perfect excuse if you don't want to do something, it works like a charm, and you can use it for years. Guaranteed. 💯

Years have passed and 1 year ago, I still felt that I would never make it. At the end of December 2019, I considered social media purely a waste of time, and my online presence was 0. Not low. Zero.

Then, at the beginning of 2020, something happened.

I created an application for Android and I put it on Google Play Store, but I didn't have many friends to tell that, so I started using Twitter to promote it a little bit and maybe find some developers to connect with.

And my perception of Social Media has changed.

I started meeting very special people, with whom I started interacting every day by chatting with them, and day by day, the time I was spending on Twitter was growing steadily, and I became more and more attracted to this new world.

During that period, I had a commitment of almost 3 hours and 100 Km every single day to go to work, and for me, it was pretty normal.

And then something else happened.

The lockdown.

Suddenly, I found myself with 3 more hours each day, and I dedicated them to my Twitter account. This explains my growth. Not my knowledge of Javascript or Docker. It was my online presence that defined my number of followers.

I saw a chance, maybe the last one, of being able to achieve this impossible goal.

I started to surround myself with other YouTubers, even the less famous ones, because I knew that one day, sooner or later, I could make it.

Months went by, my followers increased, and so, little by little, did my confidence.

I started by posting some stupid selfies in some groups, and this helped me a lot because it gradually made it more normal for me to show myself to others.

Then finally, on the 18th of July, I put the first video on Twitter. It's a black and white video of a few seconds, and I don't consider it my first video because I'm not even talking, but I made that little jump that I needed, without attracting too much attention.

But you can't imagine how that 15 seconds video has been important for me. It made all the difference in the world.

During those days I have hit 20000 followers on Twitter, and I was about to write a Tweet, in which I wanted to thank those who had followed me and had put their trust in me.

I was about to hit send, but I said ...

NO. This is not enough to say thank you for what others have done for me, I have to do something more.

And I just thought about turning that simple Tweet I wrote into a video. A simple video in which I say those words.

Well, it wasn't as easy as you may think.

It took me 4 hours, and countless attempts, to try to say a 200 characters tweet, what an effort!

But I knew that if I had succeeded, everything would have been easier. And finally, July 25, 2020 (historic date for me!), I have uploaded a video of me actually talking on Twitter.

I know, this may sound funny to some of you, but for me, it wasn't at all.

I was scared and worried about the feedback I might receive because it was evident that I was not comfortable in front of the camera, even after all those attempts and my efforts to appear natural!

But the damage was already done, and I couldn't go back.

However, I still needed to upload my first video on youtube, and it was still too difficult for me.

BUT finally the idea:

In August, I had decided to take a challenge to run 100km in a month for charity, and fatefully, on that period I had just bought a GoPro to make some videos (initially for me, not to be shown in public)

And I figured out that if I made videos instead of just posting the running results, the donations could be bigger.

And so it was! I posted the first video, and then another, another, and I got almost 500$ out of donations! ...

I also felt guilty for not explaining calmly, at the beginning of the videos, what I was doing. But I was still not prepared to speak in a youtube video.

It took 11 videos, 100km of running, many others of simple walking not recorded, just to reach the goal to speak shamelessly a few seconds in front of the camera.

Indeed, in the "Final Day" video of the "Running for charity" challenge, you can finally hear me speak on youtube for the first time!

This is the end of Part 1

If you like this little fragment of my journey, come to say hi


In the next part, I will talk about my Docker Series, and also the "Talking with..." one!

Thanks for reading this.

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